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Telemotive Industrial Controls

Telemotive Industrial Controls by Magnetek are manufactured with a modular design allows for simplified adaptation to the customers' requirements. Engineered and Pre-Engineered systems are on the same platform. Both Licensed and non-licensed systems are available. Adobe PDF Icon Click here to view the Telemotive Radios First in Radio Controls Brochure.

TelePilot and Telependant Systems

All systems come pre-engineered and do not require a FCC License. The radio control system is extremely flexible and is available in a small footprint. These units are economically priced for cranes, hoist, monorails, furnace doors and other industrial applications. Transmitters are available in up to 3 speeds, 5 motions and multiple auxiliary functions. Adobe PDF Icon Click here to view the Telemotive TelePendant Radio Controller Brochure. | Adobe PDF Icon Click here to view the Telemotive TelePilot Brochure.


  • Preprogrammed from the factory to fit your application, or customize it yourself via a Palm Pilot PDA
  • 4-in-1 transmitter design supports multiple cranes via a password protected access code
  • Extremely durable extruded aluminum transmitter housing
  • Available in three-motion, two-speed and three-auxiliary functions, or three-motion, two-speed, one auxiliary function, and A, A+, B or B
  • Unit designed with sub-voltage technology providing a much longer operating life
  • Switches designed with a rated life of over one million operations

10K Systems:

The 10K is a pre-engineered, non-licensed system. The modular design output stages with heavy duty relays per module are supplied with higher current contacts and computer optimized arc suppressors for maximum transient protection.


  • Flexible connections between boards and gold contacts improve the reliability of the receivers in harsh industrial environments.
  • The modular systems are housed in a new cabinet with Nema 4 (IP56) screw down latches.
  • Higher capacity powers supply is used to produce less heat with longer operating life.

Telemotive 18K Radio Systems:

The 18K is based on a new modular platform that makes configuration and maintenance easier while increasing the quality and operating integrity of the entire system. The 18K system can be configured with combinations of both stepped and stepless control and can be constructed to provide up to 64 programmable outputs to meet any control application.

Using time multiple sharing, up to four 18K systems can be operated on the same radio frequency in the same location without mutual interference. This feature reduces the need for additional frequencies in both licensed and non-licensed applications.

The systems offers a the choice of a licensed (FCC part 90) or non-licensed (FCC Part 15) transmitter on the same basic modular platform.

PRC Radios provides Telemotive Industrial Controls  to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Nebraska, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

Telemotive 18K Controls

Telemotive 18K Controls


Adobe PDF Icon Telemotive TelePendant Radio Controller

Telemotive TelePendant Radio Controller


Telemotive JLTX Transmitter

Telemotive JLTX Transmitter


Adobe PDF Icon Telemotive TelePilot 10K

Telemotive TelePilot 10K

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